Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bridal Makeup

I had a wonderful time doing my friend Sonam's makeup for her wedding. She has amazingly flawless skin, beautiful features and she's a true Sagittarian with a heart of Gold (like mine).

There were two makeup changes. One for the Welcoming Ceremony and Baaraat and another for the pheras and the hymns of the Hindu Marriage. Keeping the makeup almost the same in both the looks, I did a couple of subtle changes and brought the drama to different levels. Please note that these pictures are taken with my Blackberry Q10 who seems to have done a decent job in getting pics that show the makeup that is done.

So lets have a look on how to achieve Sonam's wedding makeup.........

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Looks - Mesmerized in Greys

'Grey' is a very mysterious color. Its mesmerizing, hypnotizing and very glamorous. All this if you choose the RIGHT grey and the RIGHT way to wear it. I have always loved to play with a grey that has a subtle blue undertone and then pair it with a warm bedazzling color like GOLD and get some vivid and contrasting effects. Its the contrast that creates the mesmeric look.

A grey toned eye with some ROSE GOLD thrown in, can look beautiful and is a perfect date look for Valentine's Day. A great idea to amp up the peepers. Why not let the eyes do the talking?

Lets see how to do this look...........

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine's Day Looks - Love is in the Air

I am so happy to have my first makeup tutorial aired up. Since Valentine's Day is not far off, I thought of doing a series of tutorials as an homage to the 'Love' and 'Affection' one shares with another. Love is a broad spectrum emotion. Its not only about caring for someone but also so much more added to it.

Guerlain is one brand that I relate to romanticism. They do have some kind of magical charm which entices their customer into a luxurious divinity. So I thought of using some of Guerlain products to make this look amazing. I have reviewed the Le 2 Couleurs in Two Extravagant and thats the eyeshadow duo I am going to use today.

Its the easiest look to think of and lets see how to do it.............

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Welcome Friends and Readers!!

This is Neeraj and I am a makeup artist. After Beauty Traveller this had to happen. Too many posts and too much of happenings. Thence I thought of having a blog just to make makeup tutorials and bridal posts and didn't know what to call the blog. And 'Simply Beautiful Makeup Tuts!!' was born.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial blog as you may have enjoyed my other blogs and hope to see you soon here too.

Thanks a lot

Neeraj x