Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Looks - Mesmerized in Greys

'Grey' is a very mysterious color. Its mesmerizing, hypnotizing and very glamorous. All this if you choose the RIGHT grey and the RIGHT way to wear it. I have always loved to play with a grey that has a subtle blue undertone and then pair it with a warm bedazzling color like GOLD and get some vivid and contrasting effects. Its the contrast that creates the mesmeric look.

A grey toned eye with some ROSE GOLD thrown in, can look beautiful and is a perfect date look for Valentine's Day. A great idea to amp up the peepers. Why not let the eyes do the talking?

Lets see how to do this look...........

Begin with enhancing the complexion. I used the Guerlain Tenue De Perfection Foundation, YSL Teint Parfait Complexion Enhancer, Clinique All About Eyes concealer and Guerlain Les Violettes Loose Powder and it begins......

Conceal the under eyes to get rid of dark circles and any signs of tiredness.  A bit of tapping helps with the lymphatic drainage and gives a fresh looking well slept effect.

Prime the eye lids with LORAC Behind The Scenes primer, so that they eyeshadow stay put perfectly.

From the LORAC Pro Palette, apply 'Taupe' in the crease and blend upwards. Dip the brush in a bit of 'Nude' to add some sheen on the eyes.

Apply 'Black' from the LORAC Pro palette on the outer half of the eye and blend.

With a pencil brush, apply the 'Black' on the lash line and blend.

Apply 'Slate' on the centre of the lid and blend side ways.

To warm up the crease, add 'Espresso' eyeshadow and blend towards the brow bone. Highlight the brow bone subtly with 'Light Pink' eyeshadow from the LORAC Pro palette.

Add 'Champagne' as a highlight to brighten the brow bone area. In the inner rims, trace with Bourjois Ultra Black Pencil. On the inner corners and the entire lower lash line, apply MAC Pigment in Rose Gold and  blend. 

Curl the lashes with Shu Uemura 'S' Lash Curler. Tame and fill in the brows with Espresso Eyeshadow.

Apply LORAC PRO mascara in Black to get the most amazing looking lashes.

It does not end here.

To add the magic touch, stick on some Uroparis lashes no.53 with DUO lash glue and hold them on. The flare on the outer corners elongates the eye thence a liner is not required.

Skip the eye liner and let the shadows and lashes do the talking. The liner takes away the harshness and definition of the look and makes it very mellowed and ultra chic.

Pair these gorgeous peepers with a soft peachy pink blush. I choose Chanel Le Creme Blush de Chanel in Inotation and applied with a natural blush brush. On the lips, apply a nude lipstick like MAC Velvet Teddy or Mocha or Ravishing and let the eyes speak.

Hope you liked the look. Do try this home and share your pics. Do not forget to comment. Support the blog.

Thanks a lot.