Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Model Makeups

I had fun working with Photographer Shikha Sharma and Brazilian Model Viktorya for this shoot. It was a lovely catalogue shoot featuring Indian clothes and the model looked perfect and very appealing in traditional yet modern Indian ensembles. Please pardon me for the photo quality. They were clicked from my Blackberry and I am liking the way they turned out. I also met the lovely Parita and gave her the blush she got from the blog sale. All went well and I went home with a promising cheque as a payment for the day. 

Lets have a quick look at the products used....

First GIVEAWAY....Newer Beginnings......WINNER DECLARED!!!!!

Heartiest Congratulations to 


for participating and winning my Giveaway. 

2014 looks like the 'best' time to start an alternate blog. Couldn't stand the crowding of posts and they did not get the recognition they deserved. So presenting to you another beauty blog dedicated to makeup tutorials and also the looks of my work as a professional makeup artist. 

So here's a Giveaway as an inauguration of my wonderful and pleasant blog "Simply Beautiful Makeup Tuts!!!". This blog is an extension of my first blog Beauty Traveller and has the same share of love and dedication that goes in.

What do you WIN -
  • Guerlain Eyeshadow Quad in Terre Indigo - LIMITED EDITION
  • MAC Lipstick in So Chaud
  • Some surprise gifts when the Giveaway ends.


Just follow the simple rules in the 'Rafflecopter' Widget and do the needful.

  • This is not a sponsored Giveaway and the products were bought by Dr.Neeraj from selected authorized outlets in the country for the blog 'Simply Beautiful Makeup Tuts!!!'.
  • This blog GIVEAWAY is a personalized gift initiated by Neeraj at Beauty Traveller and is an INDIA valid giveaway. I can take foreign participants and if they win, they will have to provide a valid Indian Postal Address where I can ship the products.
  •  The winner of the giveaway will be announced by Rafflecopter using random.org and the decision of the widget will be the final decision. The winner will mainly be chosen on the basis of the information and genuinity of the participant in being able to fulfill all the criteria mentioned above. You may disqualify if you haven't read the instructions carefully.
However Beauty Traveller has the rights to change the schedule of the Giveaway or make the required changes by adding some extra products without prior notice to the subscribers and contestants.

I honor honest comments and request readers to honestly enter the right options wherever needed to so that you do not get DISQUALIFIED from the GIVEAWAY. I would be personally verifying the entries so that the invalid entries get eliminated and only 1 TRUE winner will be announced. 

Please enter only what is asked in the COMMENTS section to keep the Giveaway clean and easy. I just want you to enter 'ENTERED' in the comments section and nothing more than that. I shall be deleting any comments written more than this, so please be careful. I am doing this so that there is no silly talk that happens on the blog. This also means that no one feels that the winner has influenced the blogger in any way.

The winners of the contest will be notified to which they should reply within 48 hrs or a new winner would be chosen.

I hope to have a wonderful participation and a healthy competition and there are soon more to come. I loathe fake accounts and multiple accounts and do not encourage the existence of any of these so kindly note that too.

Kindly refer to the rules of Giveaway mentioned in the post and for any queries please feel free to contact the author.

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Thanks a lot....

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Transformation Looks - GOLD TREASURE

These were 2 trial looks that I was practicing and they came out to be incredibly beautiful, beautiful enough to be blogged and shared. Unfortunately I was not able to shoot the tutorial (since I was trying this look for a client's makeup the next day) but I shall share on how I created it.

Basically its the same eye makeup for this and the subsequent post that shall follow. Its the glitters that completely transform the look and thence the name. For GOLD TREASURE, I was inspired by the treasure chests in Pirate movies. The gold coins scintillating from these treasure chests look so bright when light falls on them and that's what happens in this look.

So lets see how to achieve this look in some easy steps..........

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Old Hollywood Inspired...........

Yesterday I did this makeup for Prerna that was inspired by the Hollywood sirens using the mesmerizing eye makeup techniques of makeup maven Charlotte Tilbury. 

I love a warm golden bronze eye on an olive skin. It just looks ethereal and glowing and blends well the skin's coloring. Also we had a chance to use some brand new products as I am doing Prerna's makeup after a long time. She has been busy with the pre-production of 3 Hindi films and thence mostly out for meetings and work with no time to glam up. The glam days are on the way and I am sure that I'll be able to share the innovative looks that we have done together.

So lets have a quick look at the products and some anecdotes and relevant links on product information and  their applications.............

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Noir D'Or - Black and Gold smokey eyes

I have been waiting for that golden chance to do a gold and black smokey eye but somehow I never happened to do it until recently when a fellow blogger and friend Aparajita wanted to try it for her wedding. I loved the idea and promised her to do 2 tutorials for the same. This is the first one.

Before we get on to the tutorial, I'd like to highlight the precautions one need to take and not ignore when using a black or a gold color on the eyes. This is important to know as both the colors have their strengths and gold is highly reflective where as black can be stark and receding. When Gold is warm, Black is a cool color and they can clash if they meet. Gold is a highlighting color while black is a defining color. So a transition color is what is needed in between the two or else you get a partition on your lids.

Lets have a look at ways to create a black-gold smokey eye...........

Monday, March 3, 2014

Bedazzled Evenings

Smokey eyes are the most amazing creations ever. The 'blur' and the 'haze' look ever so mesmerizing. I heart a 3 Dimensional smokey eye which looks so beautiful and sensual and is always an easy way to be a stunner. The color of the smoke is mostly grey and black thence the official colors of the smokey eye regardless of choosing browns and bronzes. Plus a cool toned eye can look amazing on warmer skin tones and makes the irises of the eyes pop. 

Add some falsies and you look like a rock star (a la Beyonce). For this look I am inspired by performers like  Beyonce, Rihanna and JLo. They are known for their scintillating eyes and its so easy to achieve them.

Lets see the step by step application..........