Monday, March 3, 2014

Bedazzled Evenings

Smokey eyes are the most amazing creations ever. The 'blur' and the 'haze' look ever so mesmerizing. I heart a 3 Dimensional smokey eye which looks so beautiful and sensual and is always an easy way to be a stunner. The color of the smoke is mostly grey and black thence the official colors of the smokey eye regardless of choosing browns and bronzes. Plus a cool toned eye can look amazing on warmer skin tones and makes the irises of the eyes pop. 

Add some falsies and you look like a rock star (a la Beyonce). For this look I am inspired by performers like  Beyonce, Rihanna and JLo. They are known for their scintillating eyes and its so easy to achieve them.

Lets see the step by step application..........

Prep the skin and opt for a light weight foundation like Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua and conceal the under eye area with Clinique All About Eyes concealer. Set it all with a translucent compact powder like Chanel's Poudre Libre Pressed powder in Preface.

Conceal the under eye area with Clinique All About Eyes concealer in 05 shade. For the most alluring smokey eyes you have to do the most amazing concealing. 

Apply Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow Primer to make the eyeshadow stick better and look darker and better. 

Trace the lash line with Elizabeth Arden Smokey Eyes pencil in Ebony a la Charlotte Tilbury. The pencil has to be super sharp to get precise lines.

Trace the smokey eye pencil in the inner corners and the entire lower lash line and inner rims. Join the lines to get an almond shape.

This eye pencil is known for its powdery effects and has won numerous awards for the same. Smudge and blur the edges with a pencil brush and blend it all into a smokey haze. 

With a flat synthetic concealer brush apply MAC Paint pot in Frozen Violet on the entire lid blurring the lines in the crease.

Smoke out Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Black out on the lower lash line. Let it be a bit thicker to give that famous Opium den effect.

Apply Urban Decay Black out on the outer and inner corners of the upper lid.

Join them inner and outer corners with MAC eyeshadow in Fig1. Blend the purple eyeshadow in the crease towards the brow bone to make the eyes look bigger. Purple enhances the browns of the iris and looks beautiful on brown eyes.

For a scintillating sparkle add on some Dior Ombre Fusion eyeshaodow in Hypnotique on the centre of the lids. This adds the 3 Dimensional touch. 

Darken the inner rims with Clinique Quickliner Intense in Intense Ebony. This pencil is jet black and has a lovely gel liner like sheen to it. Its very very long lasting too. Add some on the centre of lower lids too. 

Curl the lashes with Shiseido Eye lash curler and apply Sisley So Intense Mascara in Deep Black for those spidery peepers.

False lashes like Uroparis no.53 do an excellent job in adding accents to this smoldering smokey eye.

The best way to pair up a smoldering purple grey smokey eye is to go very rosy on the cheeks and lips. I love Chanel Joues Contraste in Rose Petale as a pretty evening time blush. Add a dash of Pink Explosion and it looks divine. For the lips I suggest Guerlain Rouge G in Galia as the perfect rosy nude and a sleek of Elizabeth Arden Beautiful color gloss in Iridescent Mauve to light things up.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Do not forget to comment and please do enter my giveaway and win an excellent Guerlain eyeshadow quad...

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  1. such a beautiful tutorial awe of your tuts.....stunning!

  2. Just came upon this detailed & exotic tutorial!
    Much appreciated !!!! Thank you very much!